NopWinery – (3) Advanced Settings

NopWinery Responsive Theme has 5 configurable advanced settings, as tabulated below:

Setting Name Function
NopWinery.Theme This setting is used to set theme design. Values available are: burgundychampagne, and royalgold. If it is not set, default theme color would be burgundy.
NopWinery.MenuDefaultPosition In NopWinery theme, header menu is positioned after banner and page titles. If you wish to switch the position sequence, please enable this setting with “true” value.
NopWinery.HomeTabs When this setting is enabled (set to “TRUE” value), homepage categories, homepage featured products and bestsellers will be displayed as tabs.
NopWinery.productimagezoom When this setting is enabled, the product detail image will have zooming function.
NopWinery.quickview When this setting is enabled, each product box will have product quick view function.

To setup these settings, please navigate to Configuration > Settings > All Settings (Advanced), then adding new setting records. To enable the setting, set value equals “True”, to disable the setting, set value equals “False”.

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