NopStyle – (1) Installation

Welcome! Thanks for choosing NopStyle Responsive Theme as your store theme. Please have a look at this document on how to install and setup NopStyle Responsive Theme.

Download your theme at Extract your desired color of theme (blue, brown, green, orange, pink or red), then upload / FTP the “NopStyle” folder into your nopCommerce “Themes” folder.
Next, login to your store’s admin dashboard. Navigate to Configuration > Settings > General and Miscellaneous Settings, set NopStyle as your desktop store theme.

Apply Theme Color

NopStyle Responsive Theme comes with 6 different color scheme. To apply your desired color scheme, change the “color-name” in NopStyle/Views/Shared/Head.cshtml file with any following value:
• blue
• brown
• green
• orange
• pink
• red

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