NopLunr – (6) Apply for GrammarBot api key

  1. Open the GrammarBot pricing link: and subscribe the Basic plan which is free for 4,500 requests per month.

2. Complete the register or login 

3. The website will redirect you back to the plan subscription table, choose the Basic plan.

4. Fill in your credit card information and click pay now to complete the subscription.

5. The subscription plan table shown you had subscribed to the Basic plan, click “My Apps”.

6. Click the drop-down button as shown below screenshot

7. Click the “Security”

8. Copy the Api Key.

9. Login to your nopCommerce administration -> Configuration -> Local plugins -> nopLunr Search -> click Configure.

10. Paste your own GrammarBot Api key and tick the “Enable Grammar Bot spelling check”, save the configuration to activate the spelling checker.

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