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Watch video tutorial below about configuring nopCommerce localization.

Configuring localization strings in nopCommerce

After you have plug the theme into your store, you may find some non-human-readable text strings in store front-end, for example “Noplite.address” in your store footer. These text strings are actually manageable (localizable) in nopCommerce. Now, what you would need to do is to give them meaningful values so that they are human-readable. For example, “noplite.footer.bonus” has a value of “Customer Info” at the demo site.

To change the value of each localizable strings, navigate to admin dashboard, Configuration > Languages. Click on “View string resources” link of your desired language. Then, add the following localization records into the table. If your store implements multiple languages, then you would need to repeat the task for each of the languages.

Resource Name Sample Value
NopLite.ReadMore Read More
NopLite.ViewAllProducts View All Products
NopLite.Products.Description Description
NopLite.NoRecentViewedProducts You have no recently viewed products
NopLite.LeaveYourMessage Leave Your Message
NopLite.Address.Title Address
NopLite.Addresses Street Name 432/2, London, 90210
NopLite.Phone (123) 456-7890
NopLite.Phone.Alternate (123) 456-7890
NopLite.BusinessHours Business Hours
NopLite.BusinessHours.Line.One Monday – Friday: 9 am to 6 pm
NopLite.BusinessHours.Line.Two Saturday: 10 am to 4 pm
NopLite.BusinessHours.Line.Three Sunday: Closed
NopLite.Footer.Bonus NEW! BONUS GIFT CARDS
NopLite.Footer.Tel Tel.: +1 (123) 12-12-123
NopLite.Footer.MyCart My Cart
NopLite.Footer.MyWishlist My Wishlist
NopLite.Footer.MyProfile My Profile
NopLite.Footer.CompareList Compare List
NopLite.Footer.RecentViewed Recently Viewed Products
NopLite.BackToHomepage Back To Home Page
NopLite.PageNotFound.Title Uh oh! 404: Page not Found
NopLite.PageNotFound.Description Sorry, but the page you are looking for has not been found.
Try checking the URL for errors, then hit the refresh button on your browser.
NopLite.StartShopping Start Shopping
NopLite.Register.SignUpNewsletter Sign Up For Our Newsletter to Enjoy Exclusive Benefits
NopLite.SignUpNewsletter.Yes Yes, I want to subscribe!
NopLite.RegisterResult.Thankyou Thank you for signing up.
NopLite.RegisterResult.Message To update your personal information, please login to your account.
NopLite.Twitter Twitter
NopLite.Facebook Facebook
NopLite.HeaderBar.Dropdown.Title Dropdown
NopLite.HeaderBar.Link.One Link 1
NopLite.HeaderBar.Link.One.Url #
NopLite.HeaderBar.Link.Two Link 2
NopLite.HeaderBar.Link.Two.Url #
NopLite.HeaderBar.Link.Three Link 3
NopLite.HeaderBar.Link.Three.Url #
NopLite.OrderReviewData Please Verify Your Checkout Information Before Confirming Your Order
NopLite.OrderSummary.Title Your Selected Products In Cart


Watch video tutorial below about nopCommerce topics.

Setting Up Pro nopCommerce Themes

Below are the topics applied in NopLite Responsive Theme.

  1. AboutUs
  2. CheckoutAsGuestOrRegister
  3. ConditionsOfUse
  4. ContactUsTo add the google map in your contact us page, as demonstrated at our site. Please add codes below in the source:
    </p> <div class="gmap"> <iframe loading="lazy" class="" width="100%" height="350" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src=";ll=33.927409,-118.030243&amp;spn=0.963995,1.783905&amp;t=m&amp;z=10&amp;output=embed"></iframe></div> <p>
  5. PageNotFound
  6. PrivacyInfo
  7. ShippingInfo

Product Images

We strongly believe that a good looking theme must come with organized and good quality product images. Therefore, it is worth for store owner to invest some time and effort to create product images in consistent ratio. In the case of product details image zooming setting is enabled, the product images should be created in larger size than the values specified in media settings.

Sample Database

Download the sample database (nopCommerce version 3.40) at

Lastly, thank you for choosing NopLite Responsive Theme. Pro nopCommerce had put in 100% effort in the theme development. Unfortunately, we couldn’t assure that the theme is 100% perfectly working in all sort of situations. Therefore, if you found some errors or bugs in the theme, please report issues at [email protected]. Enjoy your theme!

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