NopCrafts – (1) Installation

Welcome! Thanks for choosing pro nopCommerce theme as your store theme. We are very glad that you have decided on our NopCrafts Responsive Theme.

The theme is very easy to use and we are here to guide and help you, so please read and follow the instructions and if you have further questions write us an email [email protected].

Download your theme at, upload / FTP the “NopCrafts” folder into your nopCommerce “Themes” folder. Next, login to your store’s admin dashboard. Navigate to Configuration > Settings > General and Miscellaneous Settings, set NopCrafts as your desktop store theme.

Theme Colors Options

As shown at our demo site, NopCrafts Responsive Theme comes with 3 different design colors.

Available design colors are:

  • pattern-1
  • pattern-2
  • default

Check out how to apply theme color under Advanced Settings section.

Setting Name Function
Nopcrafts.color This setting is used to set theme color. Values available are: pattern-1, pattern-2, default. If it is not set, default theme color would be pattern-1.
Nopcrafts.productimagezoom When this setting is enabled, the product detail image will have zooming function.
Nopcrafts.quickview When this setting is enabled, each product box will have product quick view function.

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